Teaching and Learning

We value all opportunities for teaching and learning across the school day and understand that every moment gives opportunities for individual development and progress.

We monitor all teaching and learning across our school rigorously to ensure what we do is consistently outstanding.  We do this through:

  • Learning walks by the Senior Leadership and Middle Leadership teams throughout the whole school day;
  • Formal lesson observations termly;
  • Head teacher observations;
  • SIP reviews and learning walks;
  • Strategic impact reviews;
  • Peer to peer observations and shared lessons;
  • A responsive approach to pupil and parent feedback
  • Coaching and mentoring sessions focusing on key areas;
  • Shared internal and external training for all staff;
  • Individual training linked to class group

Through consistent and thorough monitoring we are pleased to say teaching and learning is never less than good with much outstanding.

Hebden Green School, Woodford Lane West, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 4EJ

Tel: 01606 594221 | admin@hebdengreen.cheshire.sch.uk