The facilities in our residential go far beyond the 7 bedrooms with attached bathrooms available.

We have a main residential lounge and dining room with a kitchen where we eat our main meals.

There is a games room where pupils access a gaming console, computers for homework and a large flatscreen tv to make our own cinema experience- this space is adaptable and is accessed by all pupils in all pathways and also contains sensory boards, games and interest appropriate activities.

We have a dedicated Life Skills teaching space/kitchen where pupils practice laundry and food prepation skills. All work areas are wheelchair accessible and height adjustable. 

All facilities are accessible to wheelchair users and are equipt with hoists and tracking.

Hebden Green School, Woodford Lane West, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 4EJ

Tel: 01606 594221 | admin@hebdengreen.cheshire.sch.uk