Meet the Team


Leadership Team

Helen Ashley- Headteacher

Lauren Leech- School Business Manager

Danielle Lamb- Deputy Headteacher (Quality of Education)

Stacey Sawicki- Deputy Headteacher (Safeguarding and SENCO)

Rebecca Stedman- Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour and Attitudes- Body)
Operational Lead for KS2 & KS3

Faye Bye- Assistant Headteacher- Personal Development (Soul)
Operational Lead for KS4 & KS5

Lesley Ellison- Head of Care and Dignity Lead



Middle Leadership Team

Emma Council-  Foundation Stage Lead

Terri Owen- Pathway 1 Lead

Lisa Anderson- Pathway 2 Lead

Laurence Cooper- Pathway 3 

Sarah Birkenhead- Behaviour Lead 

Annabel Kennedy- Core Curriculum Lead 




Matthew Bernal           

Amber Cant    

Rebecca Dawes   

Taylor Garrett   

Vicky Jordan        

Chris Morris 

Emily Riley  

Christopher Sutherland        

Nicola Warham        


Support Teams

Our wider support teams include a vast array of different staff with skills and expertise in many areas including supporting learning, care, administraion, site and health and satefy, catering and food hygeine. For a full organisation list please contact us at


Statutory Salary information

All staff in the school are paid in accordance with either the School Teachers Pay & Conditions Document (STPD) or National Joint Council (NJC) Terms & Conditions (support staff).  All salary levels are determined and reviewed annually by the Pay Committee of the Board of Governors.

There are no employees earning over £100,000 per annum:


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