The programme of activities in our residential department is tailor made for our pupils. Their activities and experiences are individualised to meet their personal preferences and the objectives of their Education, Health and Care Plans and is relevant to their age and their stage of development.

Each night there is a clear timetable including time for socialising and relaxing, meal times and two activities which are linked to the development of skills and to the wider cultural and school calendar. For example we might have a Chinese New Year themed evening where we make Chinese dragon craft, have a go at Chinese dragon dancing and eat a Chinese meal.

Pupils can bring their own equipment such as tablets into Residential but we encourage pupils to be actively involved with the clubs on offer and to socialise with their friends. We use the regular pupil meetings and meetings with Key Workers to build the pupil’s ideas into our plans.

Through our promotion of life and independent living skills, we encourage children and young people to wash up, set the table, do their own laundry, make beds and cook the evening meal where appropriate. Some of our older pupils set their own menus, order food online and cook their meals according to their budget.  They occasionally visit local restaurants and pubs, or order a takeaway.

We visit local parks, sports facilities and clubs, leisure centres the cinema, bowling alleys and restaurants as part of our activities programme. We also invite in local community groups, and have strong links with the Guides and Scouts and with Cadets.  Church and faith leaders from across Winsford are invited to come into school to talk about different celebrations linked to the cultural calendar. 


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