Preparation for Adulthood (PFA)

Across the school we use the phrase PfA.  To us this phrase means Preparation For Adulthood.  We use this in 3 ways across the school:

1.   To describe the phase of education in our school that is for our 14-18/19 year olds, and the curriculum offer that we give to these pupils.  Others could say that the pupils in this phase of education are pupils in year 10 and above, or Post 14.  Pupils in this PfA phase of education are all a group based on their age, but continue to be educated in class groups aligned to our pathways.  Please see the Our Curriculum section for more information

2.   To describe a set of skills that pupils develop across their whole education time at Hebden Green.  These skills are interweaved into everything that we do at school, across every age and stage of learning. Cheshire West refers to these Preparation for Adulthood skills in 4 areas:

a. Employment 

b. Indepenent Living

c. Friends and Community

d. Health and Living

3.   To describe the way that we support and prepare pupils for their adult life outside of Hebden Green.  This includes not only our curriculum offer, but also support and information about choosing the next destination, and giving them experiences of other education providers and experiences of workplaces.

This section of our website aims to give you information of these three areas.  Please click on the drop down list under the Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) tab, to see the range of sections that you can navigate, to gain information about what we have on offer, and the areas that you can support us as a school.



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