Homework, Remote Learning and Tutoring



At Hebden Green School homework is only ever set if it is considered to be a necessary and supportive process which is relevent to the individual pupil.

Homework will compliment and support class work. It will always help pupils to achieve their academic best - whatever level they are working at.  Where pupils are studying towards qulifaictions such as GCSEs, homework will also include revision which we expect pupils to take a lead in organising themselves.

Homework other than reading and/ or spelling where appropriate will not be set on a regular basis, but we do expect pupils will complete homework when set.

We rely on the good will of families to support their children and provide an area suited to completing their work and to provide encouragement towards completion of tasks set.

Homework will not always be written work, just as work done in class is not always written work. We recognize that some pupils may struggle with the written recording of their work and encourage alternative methods of recording –such as use of a dictaphone, word processing, e-mailing work in, having someone scribe for them at home or even a verbally presented response.

Some identified pupil groups may access online educational tools identified and provided by the school or else may even have extra tuition offered to support their learning.

Pupils who complete their homework regularly will be rewarding using the whole school rewards system and individual class based reward systems.


Remote Learning

We know our pupils find working in school the best way to learn.  School provides the equipment, resourcing and staff to enable our pupils to engage, learn and improve their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.  Accessing onsite provision is essential for our pupils to make progress and to receive their needed therapeutic intervention as stated within their Eduction, Health and Care Plans.

Where pupils need access to remote learning e.g. to support quallifications a range of platforms and resources are used to enable our pupils to make consistent and accelarated progress.


National Tutoring Porgramme

We have engaged with the National Tutoring Programme through a school led approach and have a nominated tutor within school, James Doran.  As part of his wider role, James also works with pupils across school to target specific areas of need to accelerate progress for some of our most vulnerable pupils.  James is an experienced teacher and this enables him to work effectively with pupils from across the setting.

Tutoring has been identified as one of the most effective tools for helping pupils recover lost education by:

-enabling the focus to be on the individual; acknowledging their diverse needs;

-allowing frequent work with the individual;

-giving opportunity to give specific and individualised feedback;

-building in specific opportunities for targeted monitoring and assessment;

-enabling staff to share and build knowledge that informs the learning opportunities for the pupil.


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