Our School


Our Values 

  • Love
  • Individuality
  • Learning


Our Vision 

The Hebden Green School community will:·      

  • Give our pupils an outstanding provision of education, therapy and care.
  • Enable our pupils to learn, develop, grow and achieve as part of our happy and successful school family.
  • Work alongside parents, carers, and the wide range of multidisciplinary colleagues, with our pupils’ interests at the heart of what we all do.


Our Aims – what do we want for our pupils?

We want our pupils to:

  • Expect to be the best that they can, fulfilling their potential
  • Value themselves and each other
  • Be as independent as possible
  • Develop a sense of belonging, within both our school  community and their own locality
  • Be proud of themselves
  • Enjoy a broad, balanced, challenging and relevant curriculum
  • Use and apply their literacy, numeracy, technological and life skills across their curriculum and within their day to day lives
  • Develop their social skills and behaviours
  • Be happy, healthy, and enjoy their time in school



Every member of our school community is expected to:

  • Promote and share the school values
  • Respect each others’ unique needs and differences


Every member of our school community has the right to:

  • Feel safe, cared for, respected and dignified
  • Have their voice heard, their opinion listened to and their wants, wishes and feelings respected and considered
  • Learn and achieve to the very best of their abilities, with an individualised and holistic pupil-centred curriculum
  • Be treated equally and fairly irrespective of their gender, age, race, ability or sexuality
  • Be free from fear of bullying, discrimination, fear or intimidation



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