14-19 Provision

Hebden Green's PFA department is committed to be a provider of excellence for students with SEND.  Within PFA we maintain the whole school Pathway structure which enables us to target teaching, qualifications and independence sessions. We offer an extensive range of courses and aim to equip our students with the life, work and personal skills they need to flourish in the next stages of life.

We encourage and support young people to be part of their community and to move on to employment where appropriate - facilitating this through quality work expereince, focused teaching on key life skills such as interviews and close links with other providers.  We also ensure that there are clear links between the courses that our students want to study and the skills we teach here at Hebden Green. 

We see our students as ‘whole students’, providing the best access to therapies such as hydrotherapy, speech and language therapy and physiotherapy in line with individual Education, Health and Care Plans. Our dedicated and skilled team of teachers and teaching assistants, midday, general assistants and residential care staff ensure that each and every student has an individualised curriculum which gives them the skills and confidence to succeed in the wider world.

In addition, we offer opportunities for enrichment activities such as enterprise projects, work with partner schools and other community activities.  We work closely with parents and carers to foster close relationships and welcome them into the school both formally and informally through regular coffee mornings. 

PFA offers students regular oppportunities to access their local community through educational visits allied to the awards they study and self-help and independence.

There is a strong connection between our day school and Residential offer for our PFA students which enables them to rehearse and embed key skills in preparation for adulthood.

PFA Student feedback:

'I have learned to be much more independent since I came to Post 16 and now I feel ready to go to collage soon'

'I came here when I was about 3 and now I'm 17.  I've become better at my maths and English.  I am now studying for my GCSE.  When I leave I am going Cheshire College South and West.'

PFA Parent feedback:

'Hebden Green School is an amazing and supportive school and I would strongly recommend it to other people.  Our daughter has come on leaps and bounds since starting in Year 1 and she's now in Post 16.  Thank you to the staff for all your hard work and commitment.'


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