Roles and Responsibilities

We have four committees which meet each term and report back at the Full Governors' Meeting.  These are:


Pupil Learning & Acheivements Committee Group

Finance Committee Group

Keeping Pupils Safe Committee Group

Residential Committee Group


Pupil Learning & Achievement Committee Group

  • Pupil data and attainment.
  • The curriculum (including Pathways) and extra curricular activities.
  • Comparisons between pupils and different groups of pupils.
  • Links with health and holistic learning.
  • EHCPs and IEPs


Finance Committee Group

  • Whole school budget
  • Pupil premium and grants
  • Major projects
  • Staff recruitment and staffing in general
  • Contracts and managing the site


Keeping Pupils Safe Committee Group

  • Safeguarding pupils including the PREVENT agenda (anti radicalisation and extremism) and Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Risk assessment and manual handling
  • Safer recrtuitment
  • Behaviour and wellbeing


Residential Committee Group

  • Care Plans
  • National Minimum Standards
  • Residential Ofsted
  • EHCP and IEP links
  • Curriculum and Pathways links
  • Residential environment
  • Behaviour and safety in residential


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