Pathway Overview Booklets

Our Pathways system enables all pupils to access a personalised, appropriate and challenging curriculum. 

Pathway One

Children and young people who follow the Pathway One curriculum will predominantly be working between Stage P1 and Stage P4. This group of pupils may have complex medical, physical and sensory and severe learning needs which has clear implications on how their school day is organised. The curriculum provision in Pathway One stems from their individual needs in the core areas of Communication, Physical Development, Cognition and Independence. Each pupil has personalised target in each of these areas that drives all their learning and experiences. Each day consists of intervention sessions linked to physical development and communication and sensory needs. These are supported by our specialist multi professional teams including physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and our nursing team. Our afternoon sessions are linked to theme based learning and give opportunity for our pupils to apply the skills they have learnt during the morning sessions into real life contexts and experiences. Purposeful inclusion will also be integrated where most suitable and beneficial for this group of learners.

Pathway Two

Pupils working within Pathway Two will predominately be working between P4 and Stage 1 in most strands. These groups are beginning to understand familiar routines and boundaries, think and test ideas, initiate activities and respond to instructions. A range of multi-sensory learning activities are important for this group allied to their individual targets. This group of pupils have developed early learning and play skills, show intentional communication through some formal methods and engage in associative learning activities. A significant portion of their school day will focus on developing their independence, social and life skills through structured teaching and learning opportunities ready for adulthood.

Pathway Three

Pathway Three curriculum has been designed for learners who by the age of 14  will be working towards achieving formal external qualifications, many of whom will access the world of work. Pupils within the Pathway build their functional skills across all subjects in preparation for awards and qualification.  Pupils may use a range of technology, including AAC to support access and/or communication. Pupils within this Pathway may have specific barriers to learning that impact on their ability to access the National Curriculum but will utilise specific teaching and interventions in order to overcome this. Pupils are becoming more independent in some aspects of their learning and need structured opportunities to increase their self help, life skills and self motivation with a view to adulthood and work.

Please see the attached documents for more detail about our Pathways at Hebden Green.


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